• Quality research is the main basis of quality education of the university. University shall follow strictly the guideline of research standards and ethics and professional standards promulgated by University Grant Commission, professional councils and other constitutional bodies. Based upon these guidelines, university will prepare its own research guideline and standard.
  • Collaboration with different organizations and agencies shall be made to establish a fund for students research support and allocate specific amount of budge to support students’ research in the field of national priority.
  • Collaboration shall be established with industry, profession, business in conducting research and study in their need areas and innovation of technology.
  • Research grants will be provided to the applicants who is/are most deserving to conduct the research and contribute new knowledge and technology. This evaluation will be conducted in a blind review and evaluation procedure.
  • Autonomy is granted to the professors and researchers who contribute to the development of the research project. A special rule will be made to conduct the research in university through collaboration and independently.
  • The full time faculty needs to publish at least one research based article in a peer reviewed international journal. In case of not publishing, the concerned dean may raise question to the continuation of the service in the university.

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