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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Nepal Open University (NOU), the premier
institution of higher/tertiary education through open and distance-learning mode. We, at NOU, are in the very initial stage of scaffolding necessary infrastructures to gear up its speed. NOU’s prime objective is to equip its learners with knowledge, skills and competencies connected to employability through flexible, learner-centered and technology enhanced/mediated way. Following the basic principles of open and distance education, NOU will strive to reach the “unreached” in terms of pace, place and time and will ensure quality and significant education by its rigorous processes of curricular activities, student support system, innovative and hardworking team of expert professors/staffs. In order to maintain the “aura” of the physical presence and the personal “rapport” between the learner and the instructor, blended mode will be followed in the formative years of the University. NOU will make every effort to make its education “as good as” or even “better than” those of conventional systems of higher education institutions.
Studying at NOU will be a better opportunity and an alternative to the existing education system for virtually every aspiring but working individuals located at any nook and corner of the world. NOU expects your true spirit of support for making education programme successful with active, creative and honest participation in learning activities, on supplementary side university will manage learning support in full scale as promised. We will try our best to provide quality education in an affordable cost. I would unhesitatingly entertain the comments and suggestions from academics, employers and people to the programs we are running now and also the programs to be run in future. I believe in collaborative and committed endeavor in work with positive mindset and creative ideas to get success.
Thank You!

Prof.Lekhnath Sharma, PhD
Vice Chancellor

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