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Message from Former  Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Science, Health and Technology at Nepal Open University.

There are numerous modes of teaching, learning and assessing activities but there is no single perfect mode adequate to encompass all methods, contexts and disciplines. The ideal way to teaching and learning would be a mode with proper interaction with learners and teachers in diversified contexts. Nepal Open University (NOU) is an emerging University with an alternative mode in providing higher education to mass people. Changing the world through education by giving learning opportunity to every enthusiastic individual will be our objective.

With the advancement of technologies, it has now become possible and easier for people to educate themselves. Amid the technological advancement and innovation in education system, distance learning provides student a virtual classroom to each student according to her/his time and place to choose from, theoretically. Being flexible, open and distance learning is a futuristic and alternative to conventional mode of education. Being unorthodox, this mode of teaching and learning gives students enough time to work and plan their timetable on their own convenience. Being cost effective, this mode offers students support and provides easy access to any locations home and abroad. This is the great opportunity for aspiring and working students unable to join the conventional classrooms.

Established by the Nepal Government Act, the degrees awarded by NOU are equally valid and recognized as those conventional universities of the country. NOU not only does provide courses and contents, it manages required materials for the courses and offers student support services with teacher-student physical/virtual contact and prompt and timely appropriate feedback. We will have multimedia study packages, e-library, lecture notes and slides, videos and every possible online resource that a student can acquire, NOU endeavors to prepare outstanding academic graduates with rigorous academic processes of assignments, tests, examinations, term papers, collaborative learning and assessing and interaction.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Nepal Open University. I hope you explore every possibility and opportunity this university provides. I look forward to working with you in the years to come and help achieve your goals alongside.



Indra Bahadur Karki, PhD

Professor of Physics and Former Dean

Faculty of Science,Health and Technology




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